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Alloy Steel Flange

Alloy Steel Flange is manufactured for use in pipeline systems for connecting pipes, valves, pumps, and tubes. Flanges are special type of pipe fitting manufactured in ring shape by forging or casting of alloy steel. Flange refers to the protruded or projected edges of the ring which connects with each other on the flanged side. These are used for establishing a strong connection between pipes and a strategic break in the pipeline.
This allows for cleaning of the pipelines and doing repairs when needed.

Alloy Steel Flanges are used for the following applications:
  • Connecting pipes and tubes end-to-end through welding
  • Connecting pipes, pumps, valves, and other equipment in a liquid and gas pipeline
  • Connect sections of pipe to create a break

What is alloy steel?

Alloy steel is made by mixing steel with other metals or alloying elements. The main alloying elements are chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, boron and manganese. Other less common alloying elements are cobalt, aluminium, copper, cerium, tungsten, zinc, lead, and zirconium. The alloying of these metals in steel is dependent on the type of application needs. For instance, chromium is added for enhanced resistance to corrosion and rusting. The element is added in different proportions for ensuring required level of resistance to corrosion and rusting.

Connecting Pipes, Valves, and Pumps with Flanges

Connecting pipes with flange is done to ensure sturdy joint. There are two types of connections established by flanges: socket welded and threaded. In socket welded connection, the pipes are inserted into the sockets and joined end to end with each other. Then the pipes are welded with the flanges. In threaded flanges, the pipes and tubes are screwed with the female end of flanges. In both these connection types, rubber gaskets are used between the flanges to ensure a leak-free connection. Flanges create a break in the pipe. The break is good in case of cleaning and repairing of the sections of pipe attached to the flanges. 

Types of Alloy Steel Flanges

Alloy Steel Flanges are manufactured in many different types, such as:
  • Slip-on raised face flanges
  • Forged weld neck flange
  • Alloy steel blind flanges
  • Lap joint loose flange
  • Raised face welding neck flange
  • Advantages of Alloy Steel Flanges
  • Alloy steel flanges are known for some remarkable advantages, as follows:
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Magnetic permeability
  • Increased hardness
  • Outstanding resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent strength and hardness
  • Good load bearing capacity

Best Quality Alloy Steel Flanges available online with price

Alloy steel flanges can be purchased in various types and designs through different e-commerce websites. Buyers can connect with several alloy steel pipe flanges manufacturers in India. They can also connect with alloy steel a182 f1 flanges supplier and alloy steel a182 f1 flanges exporter for meeting their needs. 

Before purchasing the range of alloy steel flanges, buyers are required to check the following details:
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Price list
  • Quality certifications
  • Available stock
  • Delivery time

Buy Alloy Steel Flanges Online

With the availability of online marketplaces, buying of Alloy Steel Flanges was never simple and easy as it is today. Buyers can check the technical specifications, designs, types and prices of different types to purchase the flanges in bulk quantity. 

Buyers can also buy from the following available sub-categories:

Buyers can connect with various manufacturers and suppliers available by contacting them through their contact details available online.


1. Why alloy steel flanges are in demand?

Alloy steel flanges are in demanded because of its excellent resistance to corrosion and rusting, durability and high quality standards.

2. Where can I find alloy steel flanges manufacturers?

You can find alloy steel flanges manufacturers on various B2B portals or standalone e-commerce sites.

3. What is the price of alloy steel flanges in India?

The price of alloy steel flanges depends on the quality grade of alloy steel, types and sizes. However, a typical flange in alloy steel is priced at Rs.400 per kg.

4. What is the advantage of alloy steel flanges?

Alloy steel flanges are highly resistant to corrosion and rusting which allows it to be highly functional in aqueous and non- aqueous environments.

5. How leakage-free connection is established with flanges?

For creating a leakage-free connection, rubber gaskets are used. The gasket is put in between the flanges where it is sandwiched to ensure full proof sealing.

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