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Consumer Electronics : Making Lives Easier

The world is changing everyday, so is the technology behind consumer electronic goods. Everyday new products and improvements of the existing products are introduced in the market. Comprehensive range of consumer electronics that are available for various purposes in the market are Television, Laptop, PC (Personal Computer), CD (Compact Disc) & DVD (Digital Video Disc) player, Blu-Ray player, Mobile phones, Calculators, Vacuum cleaner, Washing machine, Refrigerator and Wi-fi devices, etc.

In late 70's and early 80's, VCP's (Video Cassette Player) and VCR's (Video Cassette Recorder) were introduced which ruled the world for over a decade. People could watch movies on VCP or VCR, instead of going to cinema halls. However, picture quality of the videos, was not too good. But in the late 90's, CD & DVD players replaced videos and revolutionized the consumer electronic goods industry, as these worked on digital technology. Further, CD & DVD players gave crystal clear picture and worked on 'laser-beam' technology.

In the late 80's & early 90's, electronic industry witnessed another advancement, washing machines and vacuum cleaners were launched. Washing cloths was considered tiring and time consuming, however washing machines changed this outlook. Cloths could be washed without much effort in quick time. Vacuum cleaners were used for cleaning dirt from carpets, sofas, floors and emerged as most sought after product.

Technology is changing quickly, so are the consumer electronic products that are being used in various domains such as entertainment, telecommunications and cyberworld. We have become highly dependent on these products and can not imagine life without these gadgets. Cyberworld has also not remained untouched, wi-fi equipments have been introduced, which allow users to surf internet from any corner of their house or office. People can talk on the move with help of mobile phones, which was considered unimaginable few decades ago. Life has become a lot easier with the advancement of modern consumer electronic goods.

Introduction of new technologies that have come up, cost of manufacturing has decreased, which has brought down the prices of electronic gadgets in consumer electronics industry. Demand for electronic products have increased and many companies are venturing into this domain to fulfill the requirements of the customers. Further, this has placed the buyers at a beneficial position, as competition has broaden, prices have fallen. Moreover, customers today have many options, while buying electronic products as various companies are manufacturing the desired product.


Now a days, buyers can search consumer electronic goods manufactures, suppliers and exporters, on the internet. Customers can register on various shopping portals to get update on the latest electronic products and Consumer Electronics show. All relevant information such as technical specifications, size, color and design of electronic products are provided online by their manufactures. This allows buyers to compare the desired electronic product online and take best buying decision with utmost ease.