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Aqua Fresh Incense Stick
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16" Blonde Lace Closure
16" Blonde Lace Closure
5000 - 10000 INR (Approx.)
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Gifts & Handicrafts

Jewellery- A Forever gift is a token of love and appreciation which is given by one individual to another, given voluntarily without any payment. It is generally given on birthdays, anniversaries, festive occasions, or to appreciate someones achievement or performance. But giving a gift is not dependent on occasions.....they can be bestowed upon a loved one at any given point of time. In ancient days, kings sent gifts to the rulers of neighboring kingdoms to extend a hand of friendship.

Wood Craft - Photo frame gifts cannot be defined, as there is no set range of products that can be termed as 'gifts'. Anything given with love to another person is a gift. The most common products exchanged as gifts are greeting cards (available for all occasions), photo frames, candles, chimes, diaries, etc. There are some expensive ones, which include jewelery, shoes, flats, cars, etc.,,....the sky is the limit. Lands worth crores of rupees were given to their favorite courtiers by kings, as a reflection of their appreciation for them.

Craft is an art, trade or occupation requiring a special skill, specially manual skill. The individuals who fabricate these crafts are termed as craftsmen. These craftsmen make a variety of objects, big and small using the skill that they possess. Various small scale and some large scale industries employ these craftsmen. Wood, marble, paper, cloth, crystal and many other forms of crafts exist in the world. Crafts may include showpieces, sculptures, embroidered cloths, carvings on various materials, toys, etc. These crafts products are a favorite with many as gift items, as they are both useful and trendy.

Gifts and Crafts Stocks - 'Stock' is the stack of a product or a variety of products, which are kept in a large and hygienic space after their production, to meet any bulk demand at any given point of time by the customers. Individuals who stock goods are termed as stockists. Companies also stock products which have become outdated or are not in demand at that particular point of time. These goods are released once their demand in the market resurfaces. For example, Valentines day gifts and cards after the occasion is over are stocked for next year, additions are made to the existing stocks.

Types of Gifts and Crafts

Gift Basket
Handmade Candles
Clothing and Accessories
Cloth & Soft Dolls
Country Crafts
Decorative Paintings
Floral Crafts & Wreaths
Glass Art
Handmade Jewelry
Home Decor Gifts & Crafts
Cards for All Occasions
Primitive Crafts
Stained Glass
Teddy Bears
Tole Paintings
Wind Chimes
Porcelain Crafts
Glass Relief Crafts
Wooden Toy for Kids
Electronic Novelty Gifts
Liuli Craft (Coloured Glaze)
Optical Fiber Ornaments
Antiques, Collectables & Antique Handicrafts
Artificial Flowers & Plants
Brassware & Brass Handicrafts
Brassware,EPNS & Metal Handicrafts
Clay Figurines
Diaries & Calendars
Handcrafted Furniture
Handmade Paper Products


Ornate Wall Hangings
Holiday & Christmas Decorations
Nautical Gifts
Paper Crafts
Papier Machier
Party Goods
Pottery & Enamel
Religious Crafts
Sandalwood Products & Artifacts
Shellac & Lac Products
Smoking Pipes & Accessories
Wall Hangings
Wooden/Stone Carvings.

Most Popular Gifts

Gifts, as mentioned earlier have no set definition. Something, which is given with a clean heart to another person voluntarily, without anything in return is termed as a gift. The most common items popularly given as gifts include

Corporate Gift Option Greeting Cards: They are pieces of thin paper or cardboard usually folded and printed with a message of anniversary/birthday greetings, congratulations, or any other sentiment, also having illustrations or decorations.

Perfumes: A variety of perfumes of various brands are available in the market suiting all tastes and preferences. The perfumes of local brands are pocket friendly, while the international brands may burn a hole in ones pocket.

Picture Frames: These frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Frames are generally made of a glass surface, but the market is flooded with superlative quality plastic frames, which form a good gift item for all occasions.

Diaries/Bags: They come under the corporate gift category. Companies give gifts to employees during seminars or festivals. This is done to maintain a healthy relationship with the employees. Diaries and bags are practical and useful items for working individuals.

Soft Toys: They form the most popular gift items with the kids and adults alike. Toys in the shape of animals like pandas, bears, etc. are stuffed with soft materials like cotton and other fibers.

Popular Crafts

Puppets: Making puppets is an art in itself. Skilled craftsmen make puppets using their expertise and their talent. These are used as home decor items to accentuate the appearance of a place.

Wood Carvings: Wood carving requires special skill. A piece of wood is carved into items of utility by experienced craftsmen. Chairs, tables and ornately carved wood items are an excellent example of this craft.

Marble Engraving: Well skilled engravers are employed to churn out elegant and enchanting pieces of marble tops used for a number of purposes. They make excellent table tops, etc. Engraved marble items are also a popular gift item among the elite class.

Sculpture: Sculpture making is the art of making figures out of clay or any metal. Only a true artist can make life like figures out of basic materials like clay and metal sheets. These type of products are also extensively used as home decor and gift items.

Gifts and Crafts -The Market Today

The market for gifts and crafts is an evergreen one, as people never cease to give gifts or purchase something for home decor. Today the trend of corporate gifts is also very prevalent, which makes the market for gifts and crafts a ripe one. In India, festivals are in abundance owing to the diversity of culture. This said, the gifts market is booming and has a wide scope even in the future.