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Hotel Supplies & Equipment

Hotel Supplies & Equipment

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What are Hotel Supplies & Equipment?


Housekeeping's primary responsibility is to ensure that each hotel visitor has a pleasant stay. The standard hotel room set-up consists of a bed, bedside table(s), chairs, and wardrobe with locker space, desk, vanity, and a magazine rack. They consist of a telephone and a printed, prepared list of useful hotel intercom numbers, such as those for the front desk, the dining area, and the laundry.

What are the Equipments Used in Hotel?

Hotel Kitchen Equipment:

  1. Tilting Skillet

The tilting skillet (sometimes called a tilting brazier or tilting fry pan) is a multipurpose and time-saving appliance in the kitchen. Use it as a brazier, stew pot, griddle, fry pan, stock pot, bain marie, steamer, or steam table.

  1. Deep Fryers

A deep fryer's one and only function is to submerge food in hot oil and cook it. However, this role is significant because of the widespread consumption of fried meals.

  1. Rotisseries

Slowly rotating food in front of electric or gas-powered heating elements is how rotisserie broilers get their cooking done. Classical culinary theory classifies spit cooking as roasting, although these cookers are more akin to broilers due to the fact that they utilise infrared heat from the elements to prepare food.

  1. Griddles

Food is cooked directly on a griddle, which is a flat, smooth, hot surface. Common items cooked on a griddle include pancakes, hamburgers, eggs, French breakfast, and many potato-based dishes.

  1. Other kitchen Equipment

Broilers, Grills, Microwave Ovens, Combination Steamer Ovens, Barbecue Ovens, Steam Jacketed Kettles, Steam Cookers, Mixers, Food Cutter, Slicer, Vertical Cutter, and more.

Hotel Room Equipment:

  1. Lighting

The quality of lighting in a hotel room significantly affects guests' level of satisfaction. In place of enormous, overbearing ceiling lights, the hotel manager will opt for more subtle bulbs.

  1. Television

All modern vacationers have a high-definition television set in their residence. To that end, they have predicated that their hotel room will include this amenity. That's why, depending on who stays at the hotel, owners prefer installing flat screens with multiple language channels.

  1. Wi-Fi

According to Coach Omnium, about half of all travelers will not stay at a location simply because it does not have free wireless Internet access. This conclusion is supported by the fact that nine out of ten people today carry a mobile device with them whenever they travel.

  1. Other Hotel Room Supplies or Equipment

Quality-proof Bedding, Shower, Towel, Storage (Wardrobe, Cupboard, and more), Courtesy Tray, Office, Mirror, and others are some essential Hotel room Supplies.

Hotel Safety Equipment:

  1. Smoke Detectors

More and more municipalities have passed laws mandating the installation of smoke and heat detectors. Smoke and/or heat detectors may be required merely in corridors, storage areas, and under stairways, while other regulations may mandate entire systems that safeguard each guest room, guest bathroom, public space, and back-of-house site.

  1. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Unfortunately, there have been cases where carbon monoxide from one of these devices has killed a visitor or employee. Carbon monoxide cannot be recognized with the senses since it is colorless and odorless.

  1. Sprinkler Systems

Hotels and other buildings with more than four stories are required by law to install sprinkler systems in accordance with national hotel and fire safety regulations. This calls for a system that extends to the hotel's back-of-house, common areas, and all guest rooms.

  1. Other Safety Equipment

Other hotel safety equipment includes Accident Prevention Signs, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm, Security Guards, and more.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment List For Hotel and Restaurant


  • - Kitchen Cooking Utensils

  • - Shelving

  • - Fire Suppression unit System

  • - Fire Extinguishers

  • - Sinks

  • - Mixers

  • - Cooking Line

  • - Ovens

  • - Refrigerators

  • - Slicers

  • - Idli Steamer

  • - Two Bruner Chinese Cooking Range

  • - Three Burner Indian Cooking Range

  • - Deep fat Frayer

  • - Hot Plate

  • - Pick up Counter with hotel Round Vessel and Heater

  • - Work Table

  • - Masala Grinder

  • - Pulverizer

  • - Vertical Freezer

  • - Clean Dish Rack

  • - SS Exhaust hood with Baffle Filter

  • - SS Drainage Box

  • - Food Pans

  • - Mixing Bowls

  • - Cutting Boards

  • - Whisks

  • - Tong

  • - Turners

  • - Pots

  • - Cookers

  • - Mop sand Mop Buckets

  • - Trash Cans

  • - Wet Floor Signs


What are the Types of Uniform used in a Hotel?


  1. Front Desk Personnel

Employees at the front desk and the concierge desk play a significant role in establishing the initial impression that guests have of the hotel.

Moreover, they are the ones who spend the most time talking to the visitors, thus they should always seem presentable.

Front desk employees typically wear blazers over button-down shirts, trousers or pencil skirts, and polished shoes. Both neck scarves and ties are frequently worn.

  1. Bellhops

One of the most conspicuous jobs in the Hotel Supplies & Equipment sector, bellhops are also known as porters. Round hats without brims, buttoned shirts with mandarin collars, and slacks in coordinating colors make a clear fashion statement.

Modern bellhop uniforms, on the other hand, typically consist of button-down shirts, vests, ties, and trousers, making it simpler for bellhops to move around when delivering luggage, driving for valet parking, and so on.

  1. Maids

Similar to bellhop uniforms, hotel maid uniforms are instantly recognizable. The standard uniform for hotel maids has always consisted of a collared shirt dress, a waist apron, and white sneakers. Hotel maid uniforms, like those of bellhops, have changed over time to incorporate a wider variety of styles. Common options include a shirt with a lapel neck and short sleeves, paired with slacks or pants made of a soft cotton material.

Additionally, tunic shirts have gained popularity. These updated designs make it easier to move around on the job.


What Accessories are Needed for a Bar?


  1. Whiskey Chilling Stones

When you want to relax with a peg of whiskey on the rocks, there comes a point when you realize there is no ice in the fridge. This is when a set of these remarkable whiskey chilling stones comes in handy. You can always have a refreshing drink on hand with them in your home bar.

  1. Bar Blades

Put this one on your list of must-haves for your home bar collection. This cocktail tool, which can also be referred to as a speed opener or a bar key, is used to quickly and easily remove the crowned tops from bottles.

  1. Corkscrews

Alright, let the cat out of the bag. A collection of reliable corkscrews is an essential part of any well-stocked home bar. Saves time that might otherwise be spent fumbling with wine bottles when you really just want to relax with a glass.

  1. BAR Spoons

This wonderful home bar addition is stirred, not shaken, to perfection. Using a bar spoon, you can blend your drink right in the glass.

  1. Strainers

The strainer is an additional must-have for any home bar. You'll want to avoid spilling the muddled herbs and fruit from your cocktail when you pour it from the shaker into the glass.

  1. Muddlers

Do you want to learn how to make your own "artisanal" cocktails? During that time, a muddler can prove to be really useful. Use it to make delicious, mess-free drinks at home by mashing herbs and fruits at the bottom of the cocktail glass or the cocktail shaker to release their aromatic flavors.

  1. Double –Sided Jiggers

Accurately measuring the pegs is essential for making a great cocktail. Now, obviously, you can't use standard measuring glasses from the kitchen to pour the ingredients for your drink. What you should do is get a jigger. Small measuring cups, sometimes referred to as "peg measurers," can be used to accurately pour the correct amount of liquor into a wide variety of cocktails.

  1. Cocktail Shakers

The cocktail shaker is a staple of any respectable home bar, as it allows you to thoroughly mix your cocktail ingredients with a simple shake. Some of the tastiest cocktails can be made with only a few basic components. When properly shaken, even a simple mixture of vodka and syrup with a splash of lemon juice can surpass the flavor of many mixed drinks.

Providing the highest quality service to your visitors is a top priority, and we understand that. We're here to back you up in whatever way you need, whether that's providing first-rate service or ensuring that the bar stays stocked all night long.

We understand how important it is to have quality hotel supplies and equipment to maintain service quality throughout the day. We've helped you zero in on the most crucial pieces of supplies and machinery for your hotel.


FAQs: Hotel Supplies & Equipment

Q. What are Supplies in Hotel?

Ans: Kitchen appliances, luggage racks, Hotel furniture, Towels, Hotel Sheets, Beds, Soaps and Bath amenities, ironing & laundry supplies, Slippers, Mirror, Hair Dryer are some common supplies in Hotels.

Q. How do I Choose Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Ans: Here are some considerations to choose right Kitchen equipment:

  • - Quality of the material

  • - Space Consideration

  • - Price

  • - Ease to use

  • - Choose the right supplier

  • - Hiring a Hotel Kitchen Planner

  • - Variety of options

Q. What are the Types of Linen used in Hotel?

Ans: Here are the types:

  • - Bed Linen (Pillow & Pillow case, Bed Sheets, Blankets, Duvets & Quilts and Mattress Protector)

  • - Bath Linen (Bath Sheets, Bath Mats, Hand Towel, bath Towel, Face Towel, Wash Cloths)

  • - FnB Linen (Napkins, Slip Clothes, Frills, Table Clothes, Waiter’s Clothes)

Q. What type of Bed is Used in Hotels?

Ans: Here are the types:

  • - Panel Hotel Beds

  • - Platform Hotel Beds

  • - Zip & link hotel Beds

  • - Hotel sofa Beds

Q. Which Equipment is used for Restaurant?

Ans: Ovens, Slicer, Dishwasher, Mixers, Freezer, Refrigerators, Coffee Maker, Deep Fryer, Griddle, Gas or Electric Grill, Ice Maker, Microwave, and more.